PreCalculus Honors

PreCalculus Honors

2015 - 2016

Ms. Gray

          This course will be a one year study of PreCalculus and Trigonometry.  The topics covered will include : functions and equations, circular functions and trigonometry, base conversions, conic sections, plane curves, parametric equations, polar graphs, 3-D graphing, vectors, limits and DeMoivre’s Theorem.

This course will integrate the current NJ Core Curriculum Standards, connections with math and other disciplines, real life applications, higher math preparation, and technology.

            The class will be encouraged to learn in many different ways.  There will be formal lectures, group work, cooperative learning, hands on experiments, discovery through classroom experiments, and the use of technology with a graphing calculator.

To be prepared for class  you need to bring with you each day:


  • The textbook for this course:  Pre Calculus Functions and Graphs, 11th Edition
  • Calculator ~ a TI 84 Plus graphing calculator is highly recommended: a TI 89 is NOT allowed.
  • A notebook  where class notes can be kept (grid is preferred)
  • A pencil
  • Respect  for every other person in the classroom


    The grading areas for each marking period  are as follows:

    Tests, quizzes, homework, journal, project and language. Points will be assigned to each assessment. Marks will be awarded for methods and answers.


    “ Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”   Martin Luther King



    Tests are always announced and are given at appropriate time intervals.


    Quizzes will test smaller amounts of material and are usually announced.  


    Homework is assigned almost nightly. To receive credit, work must be shown for the homework question(2 points per day).  An answer only will receive partial credit (1 point).  The answer does not have to be correct to receive credit.  If you do not complete all of the homework you earn 1 point. The homework grade is based on your honest attempt of the work assigned.  If you earn an A or an A+ in a marking period, then in the following marking period you will be responsible for the abbreviated homework assignment on the syllabus. This may be revoked at any time if your grade begins to fall.

    Group Project

    A group project may be assigned each marking period which will be an application of the mathematics learned.  Groups will be determined each marking period. The group size will vary based on the particular project.  Each project will take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to complete.


    Journal assignments can be given each marking period.  The responses must be typed, preferably on a word processor. Graphs should be done on graphing software. This work MUST be done independently.


    Each marking period, every student has 10 points for correct mathematical language usage in the classroom. Each incorrect or improper usage of math language in class will result in the loss of one of the 10 bonus points. Good Luck!


    Any item handed in late will have its grade reduced by 25% per day.



    This course will have midterm and final exams. It is a five-credit honors math course which can be used to satisfy the math requirement for graduation.



  • Assigned projects are to be handed in when due.  If they are late, 25% per day will be deducted from the grade. The only acceptable excuse is illness with a note from a parent.


  • The school policy on attendance is strictly adhered to.  DO NOT be late to class!


  • Seats are assigned and attendance taken from assigned seats.  They will change a few times a year.  If anyone has a visual or auditory problem and needs to sit up front, please inform me immediately!


  • If you know that you are not going to be in class due to a field trip or other pre-arranged event, you must inform me of that absence before it occurs.  You are responsible for any work missed during that absence.  Work due that day must then be handed in early!


  • Homework assignments, test and quiz dates and project due dates are to be written in your assignment book. All assignments can be found on School Fusion. Join this class as soon as possible.


  • No sharing of calculators, equation sheets or notebooks will be permitted during tests, quizzes, or exams.


  • When you are absent from class, see me to obtain any work that you missed or to reschedule a quiz or a test.


  • All work done during the school year may be kept in your portfolio in the classroom.  All returned work is to be kept there. This is at the back of the classroom.


  • No hats are allowed to be worn in the classroom. 


  • No food, gum or beverages are allowed in the classroom.


  • No cell phones, pagers or ipods are allowed in the classroom. They will be confiscated if seen in my classroom.


  • All purses and backpacks are to be kept on the floor.


  • A Get Out of Jail pass will be given to each student. They may use it for a test or a quiz re-evaluation.  It must be attached to the test or quiz when they hand it in.  On it they must indicate what period they will retake the assessment the following day.  This can NOT be done during math class.  The original will not be graded and the re-test will then count.  If you lose the pass, then you cannot use it that marking period. This cannot be used at the end of the marking period or right before a school vacation.