NJ ASK Science Testing

NJ ASK Science 8 testing will occur this year on 25 May 2016

Test Details: The New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge, Science 8 is a standardized test conducted each year for all 8th graders by our state's Department of Education. The purpose of this test is to assess how well students in our school are achieving the state's Core Curriculum Content Standards in Science. The test will cover the science curriculum taught in grades 5 through 8.  The following list provides some basic information about NJ ASK Science 8:

•  Test Content: Approximately equal parts Life Science (biology), Physical Science
    (chemistry and physics), and Earth Science (geology, meteorology, astronomy)
•  Question Style: Multiple choice and written response; Approximately 15% are
    knowledge-based and 85% involve application of science principles 
•  Test Length: 2 hours
•  Test Structure: Four 30 minute, timed sections; One break after first hour

In the past, BMS students have preformed very well on this test with a large percentage of each graduating class scoring advanced proficient in science! This consistent performance reflects the strength of the Somerset Hills School District's middle school science currriculum, the dedication and talent of the Bernardsville Middle School science teachers in implementing this curriculum, and the strong desire of our students to learn and master science.

Test Preparation: This year we will spend time in class preparing for NJ ASk Science 8. Preparation will include short "start-up" problems (2-3 times per week at beginning of class) and science practice tests (20-25 minutes of class time once a week in the Spring)—all of which are designed to review major science concepts and methods taught in grades 5 through 7. The PowerPoint "NJ ASK Science Testing Tips" (at bottom of list of file below) provides more information regarding details of this test and preparation for standardized tests.

The files below contain more information about NJ ASK Science 8 testing and
how to prepare for this test

The files below contain more information about the BMS Earth 
Science Team and NJ Science League competitions: