Honors Chemistry

Welcome to Honors Chemistry!
I look forward to meeting and working with each of you. Communication with students will primarily be through our google classroom, accessible through the gmail account of each student.  The Google Classroom access code for MP 1 of 2019-2020 is nj5552.  If you will be in honors chemistry in the fall, please sign up for the web page.

CALM is an on-line homework website.  Students must register for an account, and instructions will be shared in class.

Bozeman Science is an open source of chemistry videos that may be useful for some topics.

Copies of all class hand-outs may be accessed through google classroom.

If you can think of ways to make this page more useful, please share your thoughts. 

If you are absent. . . 

  • Get notes from someone who was in class. 
  • Check the AP assignments page to see what was assigned for that day. Try the assignment on your own, so you can ask questions when you meet with Mrs. Whitlock. Most hand-outs and lab guides are posted on one of the AP pages, so you can down-load them at home. 
  • Make an appointment with Mrs. Whitlock to go over and clarify class notes, if needed. 
  • Homework due the day you were absent is due the day you return. Homework assigned the day you were absent will be accepted one day late for each day you were absent. 
  • If you miss a lab, you are still responsible for the lab write-up. See Mrs. Whitlock to find out if you need to physically make up the lab, or if you can use class data for the write-up. Labs must be made up within one week of your return to class. 
  • If you miss a test or quiz, you should make up the test or quiz in the following timeframe: if you miss just one day of class, the test or quiz should be made up the day you return; if you miss more than one day of class, you have one day of make-up for each day you were out of class. 
  • IF YOU ARE ABSENT BECAUSE OF A SCHOOL ACTIVITY OR FIELD TRIP: you must complete and turn in all assignments as if you were in class - plan ahead!

Lab Day Reminder: 
Sandals are not allowed on lab days!  Students must wear closed-toe shoes.shoes


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