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Welcome to the Guidance Resource page! Here you'll find information on how to improve students' success and positive emotions. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs.
Craver, School Counselor, at [email protected] or 908.204.1916 x3012. 

8th Grade Study Skills Presentation Summary

Be active when you study! Don't sit-stand up, use hand motions or pace.

If you are unsure of information presented in class, ask the teacher about it! Learning to advocate for yourself supports your learning success!

Short on time? Record yourself studying and play it when you are in the car.

Study in short intervals of 10 minutes with quick breaks in between a few nights before the test.

Think of a happy memory before you take a test. Research has shown this improves performance.

To calm nerves before a test, drink 8 oz. of water.

To learn something new, you need to attach it to something you already know.

Try to relate the information you are trying to learn to something familiar, this will help you remember it.

Try this to study information: Teach it to someone else or to a family pet. This helps you put the information in your own words and understand it more than just reading it over.

What type of learner are you? Do you like hands on activities? Do you prefer seeing the information? Do you prefer hearing it? This can give you a clue as to how you learn best.


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Khan Academy-Students receive video tutoring, can complete sample problems to mastery of content. If they would like, parents can coach students. 
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